Who I am

I am just like you, a person living on this earth trying to create a happy, healthy productive life.

I have all the same struggles as anyone else and learn a lot of the same lessons.

I had done everything humanly possible to be happy in my life, yet something was missing. I screamed out to God and asked what was I missing in my life? I heard a voice say “YOU”.

It was at this time I began my journey inward to understand and KNOW who I was and what my purpose was here in this lifetime.

I started to feel inside of me many different sensations as new thoughts and ideas just seem to enter my mind. I later learned that these feelings were different “frequency” changes that I was experiencing. My own natural frequencies were aligning and it felt as though I was getting closer to GOD literally. As if God were right beside me. Now I want you to know I do not think of GOD as a person or entity, but more of an energy like the most powerful “frequency” you could feel. Literally the SOURCE of all things.

This was over 25 yrs ago. Since then I have experienced many new levels of the frequencies here on earth and learned a great understanding of sacred geometry and energy.

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This all led me to where I am today. Today I just seem to have “knowings” about things. Like the “Frequency Adjuster”. I just saw it come together in my head and all the understanding of how it would work and why it needed to be made. I started to understand that when we are born to earth, we attach our own frequency with that of the natural frequencies on the earth . This allows us to stay connected to our intuition, sense of being and life purpose.

It was as if GOD spoke to me and said that these frequencies are being altered and things needed to change. That is why I was shown the “frequency adjuster”.

This device will override the altering and allow you to stay connected to your natural frequencies.