We Were Meant to Thrive 

Joy, Abundance, and Freedom
are our Natural State of Being

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Wouldn't it be great to always wake up in the morning feeling light, amazing, and free?

Maybe you are already one of the many people on this Earth who have this kind of life and if you are, fantastic! 

That is how it is meant to be!

It is really amazing though how many of us don't "feel" this way and we blame it on our "reality".

What we see in our current life.

Actually, it is not what we "see" but what we "feel". And I bet most of you have no idea what really is controlling all those "feelings". What would you think if I told you that what you believe in, rather your "belief systems" are frequencies. Magnets that are leading your life. What I mean by this, is, those more subtle under-the-surface beliefs about life, your life... are the drivers of your entire life.

When we begin here on Earth; when we are born, we start in what I call a "still point". What I mean by this is that we start with no experience that is given to us, we just experience! As we develop and grow and learn, our experience takes on other people's views and beliefs. These views and beliefs sit in our energy body, like magnets, attracting more of those same beliefs to us. This causes our life to go in patterns we may not understand. This is often why people seem to try really hard to change things in their life but find they keep going back to the same types of situations.

The Frequency Adjuster® once attuned to you, creates that "still point" for you. It gives you back your "own experience" and unlike what happened to you before where these beliefs you picked up, attach to your energy body, the adjuster takes them out, until they are all out and does not allow them to accumulate anymore.

Believe it or not, this is really how life is meant to be experienced. Yet we are in a world of technology, a world where it has gotten smaller so to speak. One where we are given so much information, all of which carries a frequency to it. This is why things seem so much harder at times.

The bottom line is...

We are an energy being having a physical experience!

Everything you see in technology comes from US. We all can do everything you see technology doing. This is why we are affected by all of it. 

I know this may be hard to believe... but the very beginning of computer programming, the binary code, dots and dashes. IS THE ULTIMATE MALE AND FEMALE. IT IS US.

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Aligning with the wand immediately gives you the experience of calmness, peace, and a feeling of being grounded in the now. It opens all doors for all those things truly meant for you to show up and leave. No matter where you are in the world, once attuned, it will always keep those doors open. Because it is organic, it is quite literally cleaning your energy body of all past debris, like fear and trauma.

And it CANNOT be ALTERED. This means you will NEVER reach that place of HOPELESSNESS that can have you end your life. I am not saying a person cannot decide to do this, I am saying the energy of disconnecting will not reach that point.

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Inside the Frequency Adjuster® "Om Healing Wand" there are very special crystals*. With the infinity symbol on top facing toward your right, there is a crystal that is the strongest connection for God and you on the earth running in a DNA-like structure and on the left is a Salt crystal that connects you to the strongest earth connection and the inside of you. Down the middle are special-colored crystals, each the color of each chakra in order from top to bottom, with the infinity symbol being the top. These match the colors of the chakras on your body. Because this adjuster is YOU, like you that does not "open" this does not as well. The entire making of the Frequency Adjuster® "Om Healing Wand" is very specific, to energetically mimic you completely.

*The image above shows the inside half-view of the frequency adjuster during the crafting process.

A Channeled and Fully Patented Instrument Designed to Keep You Aligned with Your Natural Frequencies

Once the Frequency Adjuster is attuned to you, no matter where you are in the world it will continually keep you aligned with your natural frequencies.

Everything meant for you in this life has to come to you, and everything not meant for you will leave.

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